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MSW in the N.Y. Times: Push for Profits Left Nursing Homes Struggling to Provide Care

MSW’s William Murray is quoted in a N.Y. Times story that explores how corporate structure games in the nursing home industry have left facilities struggling for resources, while owners strip away the cash that was intended to provide for residents’ care. “The structure is designed to keep liability on the company that has the fewest […]

Bedsores, dehydration and death: PA man neglected at REIT’s nursing home

  A Montgomery County man entered a local nursing facility in need of rehabilitation.  Instead, within just a few weeks, he was neglected, found dehydrated, suffered bedsores, and ultimately passed away.  The facility, which garnered a 1-star rating (Medicare’s lowest possible score), had been repeatedly cited by state regulators for short-staffing, failing to prevent bedsores, […]

Philadelphia Man Suffers Bone-Deep Bedsores From Neglect

A Philadelphia man entered a local nursing facility for short-term rehabilitation but ended up developing bone-deep bedsores and losing his life, according to a lawsuit filed by Murray, Stone & Wilson.  The case, pending in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, alleges that the facility failed to assist this man with his hygiene and turning […]

MSW Files Suit for Sexual Assault in PA Nursing Home

A vulnerable nursing home resident suffered a sexual assault in a Pennsylvania nursing home, according to a lawsuit filed by Murray, Stone & Wilson.  The female resident was neglected and left unmonitored, allowing her to fall victim to an assault perpetrated by a male resident of the facility.  Further, MSW’s suit contends that the facility […]