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Young Father Dies After Heart Attack Symptoms Missed

A young man visited two different medical providers in the same day, complaining to both that he was having severe pain and indigestion.  Neither provider examined his symptoms, opting instead to prescribe an over-the-counter anti-acid.  Hours later, he passed away in his family home due to a massive heart attack.  MSW represents the surviving widow […]

Failure to Contact Doctor Leads to Death of PA Man

A Pennsylvania nursing home failed to communicate a resident’s lab results to his physician, costing him his chance to receive the help he needed, according to a suit filed by Murray, Stone & Wilson.  A follow-up investigation by the State of Pennsylvania found that the facility also failed to prevent him from suffering from bedsores.  […]

Man Abused, Neglected, Dies in NJ Group Home

A New Jersey man who had lifelong struggles with mental and physical disabilities was reliant on a group home’s staff to keep him healthy and safe. Following the acquisition of the facility by a private equity firm, his care rapidly declined.  He suffered attacks from other residents, abuse from facility staff members, and neglect that […]

Surgeon’s Error Harmed Arkansas Patient, MSW Suit Says

An Arkansas surgeon’s error led to months of suffering and permanent damage for an Arkansas woman, according to a suit filed by Murray, Stone & Wilson.  According to the suit, the patient’s gastric surgery was incorrectly performed.  After months of complications, tests and ultimately, additional surgery, it was determined that her problems arose from a […]

MSW Files Suit for Sexual Assault in PA Nursing Home

A vulnerable nursing home resident suffered a sexual assault in a Pennsylvania nursing home, according to a lawsuit filed by Murray, Stone & Wilson.  The female resident was neglected and left unmonitored, allowing her to fall victim to an assault perpetrated by a male resident of the facility.  Further, MSW’s suit contends that the facility […]

Coronavirus in Nursing Homes Highlights Need for Oversight

There are now tens of thousands of confirmed cases of Coronavirus in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico according to a New York Times database.  Sadly, hundreds of U.S. patients with the virus have already died.  Of the many deaths, more than 80 (approximately one-third) have occurred in Washington State, including dozens of […]

MSW Files Class Action Alleging Payroll Fraud by Nursing Home Chain

Murray, Stone & Wilson attorneys have filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of employees of nursing homes operated by Skyline Healthcare in multiple states.  The suit alleges that despite collecting premiums from employees’ paychecks, Skyline failed to provide health and dental coverage, leaving its employees facing enormous medical bills. Read the story by clicking […]

Murray, Stone & Wilson Launches With Offices in Philadelphia, PA and Tampa, FL

April 12, 2019 – William P. Murray III, Matthew T. Stone and Erica C. Wilson founded Murray, Stone & Wilson, PLLC, a firm dedicated to representing victims of wrongdoing.  The three attorneys met and worked together at Wilkes & McHugh, PA, a nationwide firm specializing in personal injury cases, with a particular focus on nursing […]

MSW’s Matthew Stone Obtains $7,500,000 Verdict in Nursing Home Sexual Assault Trial

In what is believed to be the largest nursing home verdict ever in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Mr. Stone and two colleagues convinced a jury of 12 that a Lancaster County nursing home was responsible for the failing to prevent the sexual assault of one of its residents.  The parties settled for $6,750,000 before the […]

MSW’s William Murray Quoted About Troublesome Nursing Home Owner

April 12, 2018 – In outlining various concerns about nursing home operator Joseph Schwartz and his Skyline Healthcare enterprise, reached out to Mr. Murray for comment on Mr. Schwartz’s business dealings.  You can read more about it here (linking to